How to Get Reviews on Google in 6 Easy Steps

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How to Get Reviews on Google in 6 Easy Steps

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By Janet Hancock August 16

As we all know, Google My Business is a great way to showcase your business (for free!) in Google’s search results pages and also next to your listing in Maps. Google Reviews provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers.

Once you have set up your Google My Business account – the next thing for you to do is get some stellar reviews. Click here if you haven’t set your business up on Google My Business yet – no point reading on until that’s done.  🙂

Hopefully, you have a great product or service and your customers love you. If that’s the case, this next bit is as easy as asking your customers to leave you a review. We definitely recommend making this process as easy as possible for your customers – that gives you a much better chance of them actually leaving you a review.

Here’s the process for you in 6 easy steps:

Step 1:

Find your business on Google so that you can kick off the review process.

Step 2:

In the Google My Business listing for your company you’ll see a little “Google reviews” button. Click that puppy.


google reviews


Step 3:

In this section will be a “Write a review” button, this will enable you to write the actual review. Remember to log in to your google account to carry on with the process.


google reviews


Step 4:

Up pops a Google review module – and it has a unique URL in the address bar at the top of the window. This part is key! Copy the unique URL from the address bar now.


google reviews


Step 5:

This is the link that you will send to your customers so that they don’t have to complete lots of steps in order to review you. All your customers need to do is click the link and add their review.

Step 6:

If you’re feeling ultra-fancy, you can take this process a step further by shortening that very long URL using Google’s URL shortener. There’s also Bitly that does the same thing – use whatever you’re most comfortable with.


google reviews


Now that you’ve got your link ready to go, you need to send that to as many customers as possible and ask them nicely for a review. This ties in with our article on why reviews are becoming more important for businesses who wish to be easily found in Google Maps. Read that article here.

Just a note from Google: Keep in mind that it’s against the Google My Business review policy to solicit reviews from customers by offering incentives or setting up review stations at your place of business. Reviews that violate the policy may be removed.

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