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Add something completely unique to your image by using professional or cartoon illustration to connect with people’s fundamental emotions. Our first love is art and the good old-fashioned thrill of putting pen to paper (literally). Whether it be for the internet, animation, advertising or publishing industries, we believe that impactful illustration can help people identify with, and respond to, your advertising material.

We specialise in cartoon character development and mascot design to our customers.


Habit To

Habit To is a local Durban band that wanted to do something different and eye-catching for their latest album. The idea behind the artwork was, in general, 'sticking it to the man'!

Snapper Plugs

Snapper plugs is known for its iconic crocodile logo. We took that theme and developed a crocodile mascot for them. On top of that we came up with a monthly cartoon strip for 'Snapper the Croc' in which he goes over various electrical safety tips.


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