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Press release writing and distribution falls into the traditional marketing bracket. The idea here is that we send well-written articles (preferably with gorgeous, professionally-shot or styled images) to a list of journalists who could potentially feature your content.

The challenge for brands these days is that the conventional way of doing public relations doesn’t work like it did previously. Our customers don’t consume their news in the same way anymore, and journalists and publications certainly source their content in a dramatically different way to yesteryear.

Inbound public relations is becoming more and more important – and while we support that wholeheartedly, we do still see the need to send press releases whenever possible. Our main reason behind this thinking is that most often, the content already exists. This means that the business doesn’t have to generate anything new – no additional resources are required, other than to ensure that the press release format is adhered to and that the article has a story, angle or newsy slant that allows the publication to use it. Really good content distribution is key to every marketing strategy we do these days, and a press release is on that distribution checklist – so do it if you can.

Remember that there is no guarantee of coverage when you send a press release out to your list. Your list could have hundreds of outlets and journalists on it and potentially none of them will publish it. Crickets. You need to have some patience as you build up a relationship with each publication and you need to make sure that you’ve done your research. Are you sending your article to a journalist or publication that is going to find the content relevant? Is their audience the right audience for your business? Is the outlet going to be adding value to their readers’ lives by publishing your piece? If there are a few YES answers to these questions, then you’re on the right track.

For clients who already have a list of journalists or publications that they consistently communicate with, we can either continue to manage that list, or we can do additional research and make suggestions for new opportunities. Customers who have not yet delved into the depths of regular comms with the press, can use the Brand Candy press release writing and distribution service which includes the research and creation of a press list that’s perfect for their business.

If you would like us to write your releases for you, we can do that, but you can also supply an already-prepared release to us, and we will do the distribution (the activity of sending your press release to your list is called a “distribution”).

Whether we do the writing, the distribution, or both, once we have sent your article, we are able to report back on what coverage you have received. We can show you which outlets have published your article, when it was published, and what that coverage is worth in Rands and cents.

Costs for our press release writing and distribution services will be outlined to you as follows:

  • Research of the publications – this is a once off cost
  • Compilation of the list of journalists and outlets – also a once off cost, but this list will be built onto over time as new opportunities arise
  • Set up and send is a cost that you will incur for every send to your list (known as a distribution)
  • Coverage tracking and report includes the tracking of your article so that we can report back to you who published your content, and when. We keep track monthly, and will send you a report for each distribution. This is also a monthly cost.

Get in touch with the Brand Candy team if you’d like to get cracking with press releases to market your business!


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